Welcome to Veggie Kayla, Let’s Talk About Food!

My name is Kayla, better known to the internet as @VeggieKayla!

My goal for this blog is to have an organized place to organize some of my thoughts, articles I find interesting, and original writing.

A quick background on who I am and why I’m doing this whole blogging thing. I am a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington where I received a B.S. in Human Biology with a concentration in Human Health and Disease. I was pre-med for the majority of college but ended up dropping that focus; a decision that was very difficult for me. This decision was, in part, a result of a class i took my junior year called “How Biology and Culture Influence Obesity and Hunger”. After learning about the U.S. and global food system and the relationship between obesity and poverty, I knew that I belonged in the field of food and nutrition.

Now onto the vegan thing… I think of veganism very similarly to keeping kosher, which I have observed my entire life. Both being vegan and keeping kosher imply a heightened consciousness to what you put in your body and how you source your food. I have been vegetarian since watching Food Inc. in the 8th grade. Technically it was a transition from pescatarian to vegetarian, but that was a pretty short window.

Then at the end of my freshman year of college my roommate and I tried a raw diet for a few days to get focused for finals, and at the end of that I decided to challenge myself to go vegan for a year. I never thought I would last the whole year and couldn’t imagine not eating cheese. About a month into being vegan I noticed a change in how I felt after eating, that I had less bloating, and my acne had cleared up. This spring will be my 5 year vegan-niversary! I’m motivated by the animals, the planet, and my health and I know that I am absolutely vegan for life.

I consider myself pretty well versed in the world of vegan food and travel. During my vegan years, I have driven across the U.S. multiple times and eaten my way through Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and England. I love learning about the world, trying new foods, and meeting new people. I will always make myself available if you would like to reach out or collaborate and am always happy to answer questions, provide resources on nutrition, or support a project of yours!

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